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In a land far, far away, four adventurers find themselves captured...

No, wait, that's a plot for a video game.  The plot is that the four girls who were playing that game decide to go out and enjoy a day in Norma, where what happens is anything but.


Right, so I was tinkering with this project..and tinkering...and tinkering...so I had to release something or else I'd never release anything at all.  Anyway, here's what we have so far:

Version: 0.1.d

-Alpha release
--3 randomized dungeons.
--A few status effects for testing.

- 0.1.a changes:  A few bug fixes.
- 0.1.b changes:  Fixed some battle-system bugs.
- 0.1.c changes:  More fixes, especially if you want Crowds in the forest.
- 0.1.d changes:  Skills updated

- The option to enjoy the story.
- The option to choose if you want enemies to pester you in the map or the battlefield.
- Not the option to avoid getting captured on the map, but you can still free yourself and rescue them.
- Not the option to avoid getting captured in battle, but you can still fight back.
- Game Over?  Nah, just go back in and rescue your friends.


Arrow Keys: Movement
Z/Space: Accept Bondage
X: Menu/Cancel
Shift: Dash
A/S: Rotate Characters

Content Warnings:
Bondage, Vore

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
TagsRPG Maker


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NormaAlpha.zip 57 MB


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i kinda enjoy this game so far, hope to see more done lov

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For some reason when i try to download the game it gives me and error code saying that it could not read the property or undefined build


I came back here and noticed that this wasn't being worked on anymore. Personally, if size is the issue, I'd try and focus just on Norma (the town, not the game) itself and see what settings you can put there. That way you can expand on your characters without having to go all out there.

are you still working on this

No, I'm not continuing Norma as I tried to make it too big.  However, I will try to make something on MV other than  the VDBS demo.

that sucks all well

well i hope wjhat ever game you make will be cool

This is a great proof of concept for a game. I look forward to seeing what else you have planned for it in the future. I also loved the hand-drawn characters and enemies. 

Great work, especially in the RPG Maker limitations.

Thank you.  As of the moment, I am revamping the map and database with the goal of expanding the lore and making the enemies less generic.